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They say to pick one thing and do it well… but we’ve never been good at following the rules.  We’re connectors. Problem solvers. Creativity unleash-ers. Idea generators. Brand ambassadors. Daymakers. Pick just one thing?

Nobody puts Buzztag in the corner. 

Yep. We admit it. We’re a bunch of overachievers determined to make your business shine.  Think of us as your “one-stop, everything-you-need-to-stand-out-in-a-crowded-world” shop.


Need to evolve your trade show booth beyond cheap pens and a table skirt? We’ve got ideas for that. Want to design a monthly swag box to send to your favorite clients and prospects throughout the year? Oh, and you need a team of people to assemble it, store it and ship it when you give the thumbs up? We’re on it.

Whether you need to freshen up a stale promotional products marketing campaign or have a grand vision for a rock-your-socks-off company store, Buzztag can deliver.

Come to think of it, you could say that our one thing is this:

We make your business even more awesome.

How can we lend a creative hand to your next project?

Buzztag: Promotional Products // Embroidery // Swag // Bend, OregonPROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS
Why do some branded items go straight into the nearest garbage can while others stay inside purses, on desktops and in people’s hearts for years? People hold onto things when a personal connection has been made. It’s all about choosing unique products that perfectly capture your brand story and add fuel to your brand fire. Connect with us for fresh, new ideas that will keep people buzzing about your brand.

Buzztag: Promotional Products // Embroidery // Swag // Bend, OregonTRADE SHOWS
Cheap pens and stress balls rarely make it into the carry-on after a trade show. People hang on to what makes them feel important… so give them something they’ll love. We are pros at discovering products that tell your unique brand story, inspire conversation and drive traffic to your booth. Need an eye-catching booth design that let’s people know you’ve got it going on? Our wicked-good creative team has got your back.

Buzztag // Swag // Embroidery // Promotional Marketing // Bend, OregonIMPRINTING
Gone are the days of your simple black or white logo imprinted on the largest possible area of an item. You’ve got options… and lots of them. Whether you need full-color sublimation, 3D embroidery, custom patches or other I’ve-never-seen-that-before ways to display your logo on items people can’t wait to get their hands on, we’ve got passionate partners skilled in the latest decorating trends and techniques.

Buzztag // Swag // Promotional Products // Company Stores // Bend, OregonCOMPANY STORES
Like snowflakes, fingerprints and junior high hairstyles, no two company stores are the same. We get it… it’s all about being unforgettable. Whether you want to go big, keep it small, or find a happy place somewhere in between, there’s a solution that will work for your vision. As your online company store experts, we’ll help you manage your brand, control spending and showcase what makes you awesome via our intuitive, user-friendly eCommerce platform. 

Buzztag // Promotional Marketing // Swag // Bend, OregonFULFILLMENT
Pull. Pack. Ship. Just like the zippy gas stations of yesteryear, we provide full-service fulfillment and distribution for your brand promotions and online company store. From kitting and packaging to storage and shipping, consider us your new best friend. No more frenzied in-house assembly lines and complicated inventory management for you. We take care of it all!

Buzztag // Promotional Marketing // Swag // Bend, OregonAGENCY
Concept to completion… it’s how we roll. And while we have a crazy knack for building a buzz through promotional products, we are so much more than pens and mugs. We are creative people in a creative environment working tirelessly to create passion for your business. From branding and identity to design services and project management, we thrive on dreaming up new ways to help you stand out in a crowded world.