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Buzztag Team
Brenda Speirs Buzztag CEO

Brenda Speirs | CEO

~*Queen Bee*~

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Brenda Speirs is the Queen Bee at Buzztag, a boutique corporate gift and brand merchandising agency with big-firm capabilities. Most days you’ll find her searching tirelessly for standout promotional products that tell her clients’ brand stories.

With experience in management, business development and marketing, Brenda understands what it takes to make people feel good about your brand. Whether you are a Fortune 500 company looking to shake things up or a one-person shop trying to make a dent in the universe, Brenda provides creative solutions and promotional marketing strategies that will leave your audience saying, “I love this.” 

A perennial optimist, Brenda sees the world as a place where greatness is always possible and life, like good food, is to be thoroughly enjoyed. She looks forward to connecting with you. 

Lorraine Skalla | Senior Account Manager

*~Agent of Awesome~*

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As a senior account manager, Lorraine takes branding wizardry to the next level. Want creative ideas for your next promotion? Lorraine’s on it. Need to change a few things about your current order? Just ask Lorraine. Basically, she makes things happen (because “streamlining the swag process so you can get back to being awesome” is too many words to cram on a business card).

Lorraine and adventure go together like Mac and Cheese. Her past work experience involved flying helicopters, designing clothing and crafting frosting-laden confections, showing that it’s possible to carpe the heck out of every diem.  Lorraine’s first love is exploring the outdoors, and if it’s on her motorcycle, even better. Her two quirky pet rabbits, Bailey and Morgan, think she’s the bee’s knees.

Taygan Byrns | Order Management Specialist

~*Hive Keeper~* 

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Taygan is Buzztag’s behind-the-scenes superstar who assists in fulfilling swag orders, tracking production and helping the team anywhere and everywhere. She sends your branded swag out into the world with a heaping dose of good vibes and a heartfelt “bon voyage!”

The analytical and imaginative sides of Taygan’s brain thrive in Buzztag’s creative hustle and passionate bustle. With recent career adventures in the museum world, she understands the value of creating experiences people will love.

When she’s not working toward her Master’s degree in Museum Studies, you’ll find Taygan practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and hanging out with her family: Connor the cat, Monty the dog, and Jud the man.

Maureen Mattingly | Senior Accounting Specialist

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Every business needs someone who dots all the I’s, crosses all the T’s, and underlines the important stuff. From accounting to client reports to back-end ninja moves, Maureen keeps all the things organized at Buzztag. It doesn’t hurt that she has the fastest fingers in the West and fills every room she enters with unbelievably good energy. 

Maureen witnessed the digital revolution firsthand while working in marketing, sales and event planning. Being self-taught at web and social disciplines unleashed a passion for figuring out how things work and how things can be better.

All forms of creative expression inspire Maureen, especially music. Walk by her office and your ears will pick up the sweet sounds of Matt Simons or Vance Joy.

Ariana Powell | Marketing Director

*~Social Butterfly*~ 

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Ariana is Buzztag’s Marketing Director and experience maximizer. She handles all things social media and dreams up ways to delight people every single day. Obsessed with making it personal, she loves good content and its power to connect humans to other humans. 

With a degree in journalism and prior experience as a television news reporter, Ariana thrives on finding and creating stories that inspire. (Just call her the Story Whisperer.) Ariana also has an affinity for song lyrics. If remembering the words to thousands of songs was a superpower, she’d save the world and still have time to whip up an Instagram post.

When she’s not scribbling up a storm or burying her nose in a good book, Ariana enjoys exploring the beauty of Central Oregon with her husband, A.J., and curious fur baby, Mollie.



CEO | Canine Executive Officer


Lola is Buzztag royalty--all 15 pounds of her. She greets everyone with a slobbery kiss, out of hopes that she'll receive a treat in return. Lola may be the sassiest Boston, but she also has the biggest heart. When she's not pitter pattering around Buzztag, she's out adventuring with her humans... or sleeping.