Willamette Dental Group

Organization Snapshot

Willamette Dental Group stays on the mind of patients through Buzztag swag

willamette dental group case study buzztag power of promotional products bend oregon
willamette dental group buzztag case study power of promotional products
buzztag case study willamette dental group power of promotional products

Willamette Dental Group has been providing high quality dentristry for more than 45 years. The company is the largest multi-specialty group dental practice in the Northwest and operates more than 50 dental office locations throughout Oregon, Washington, and Idaho serving more than 400,000 patients. Its unique delivery model delivers proactive, preventive dental care focused on promoting long-term health through a partnership, with their patients.

Who is your target customer?

Vanita Rush (VR): WDG is both the insurer and the dental care provider; the Sales team to which I am a part focuses on "selling" our dental insurance product to group clients, working primarily with insurance brokers and employers.

How long have you been working with Buzztag? 

VR: I have been working with Buzztag for nearly 4 years, but WDG has worked with Buzztag longer. 

What swag have you purchased?

VR: We have purchased the following branded items from Buzztag, to name just a few: high-end jackets, toy airplanes, water bottles, themed gift baskets (daiquiri/tiki themed), cheeseboards, cocktail shakers, umbrellas, notebooks, mugs, tech accessories, and much more.

How many people in/outside the company use the swag?

VR: As we give swag items to clients, I would estimate that hundreds+ have received a WDG item branded by Buzztag from us.

What was the most obvious advantage of the swag?  

VR: The most obvious advantage of the swag is to keep WDG on the mind of our client (like with a water bottle that they use, a mug that they keep on their desk, etc.). 

Any other advantages you discovered?

VR: We have also discovered that the more creative/offbeat we go, the more that we're known for our swag items -- so for example, the tiki/daiquiri themed gift basket wows our client as something very unique and fun.

Why do you do business with us? Do you think the investment in Buzztag was worthwhile? Would you recommend us to a friend/colleague?

VR: I always recommend Buzztag to others! I appreciate the superb customer service, the willingness to take on a project that is not the norm, and the upbeat nature of everyone on the Buzztag team; the investment is worthwhile for the product and the partnership.

What's your favorite product/project and why?

VR: Aside from the pint glasses that Buzztag helped me create for my wedding? :) Probably the tiki-themed gift basket; Buzztag really helped to bring a vision to life, and as mentioned above, that is the type of swag gift that helps to set us apart.