Palo Alto Networks

Organization Snapshot

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Location: Santa Clara, CA 
Number of employees: 4,700

Tell us about your business. What does it do?

Maria Dalasio (MD): Palo Alto Networks is the next-generation security company committed to maintaining trust in our digital age.

How many employees are there?

MD: There are 4,700 employees worldwide. 

Who is your target customer?

MD: We use a channel sales model to target organizations across multiple industries wishing to prevent successful cyber breaches.

How long have you been working with Buzztag?  

MD: I've been working with Buzztag for almost 2 years now. 

What swag have you purchased?

MD: We've purchased a number of items including: fleece jackets, light down jackets, awards (featuring multiple cutting edge designs), backpacks, power banks, etc. All of the swag was VERY well received. 

What was the most obvious advantage of the swag?

MD: Brenda & her team go above and beyond to source cutting edge products and innovative designs tailored to YOUR needs. All while maintaining the utmost professionalism. The Buzztag team does their very best each and everyday to constantly outdo themselves and they do so with a contagious passion. Their commitment to superior customer service curated to each client is radiated throughout their work. They truly care about not only meeting (and exceeding) their customer's specific needs, but they also genuinely take an interest in you: the customer.

Why do you do business with us?

MD: Because of your commitment to providing high-quality, affordable and remarkably unique swag--even on a moments notice! 

Would you recommend us to a friend/colleague?

MD: Most definitely--I absolutely recommend Buzztag and already have in fact :) 

What's your favorite product/project and why?

MD: Despite my efforts to collaborate to source amazing innovative products, I seem to be a bit ahead of the company's vision. So my favorite project thus far would have to be the SKO FY19 awards. We received compliments for dayz! Your impeccable attention to detail, constant creativity and bold pivots away from outdated industry standards combined with their superior customer service made for a stress-free customer experience.