Guardian Group

Organization Snapshot guardian-group-buzztag-case-studies

Location: Bend, Oregon
Challenge: get non-profit out to more people
Solution: partnered with Buzztag
Impact: ~learned swag is a conversation starter
~getting name out to more people
~generating donations

Guardian Group receiving more donations through Buzztag swag

Guardian Group is a non-profit that started in 2010 in Bend, Oregon. Currently, it is made up of seven employees. Guardian Group's customers include people who want to support their mission.

buzztag promotional products company in bend oregon guardian group case study

Tell us about your business. What does it do?

Andrea Lowe (AL): Guardian Group is a veteran run non-profit that is committed to bringing the fight to human trafficking.

How long has your company been in business? How many employees are there?

AL: It was started in 2010 and currently is made up of 7 employees.

Who is your target customer?

AL: Our yarget customer for our gear is unique because it isn't necessarily the same customer we sell our training to. The gear is focused for those that want to support our mission solely because they want to see all victims set free and the purchase of gear is a great way for them to join the fight.

How long have you been working with Buzztag?

AL: We've been working with Buzztag for a little under a year (I believe).

What swag have you purchased? 

AL: We have purchased hats, shirts and beanies. 

How many people in/outside the company use the swag?

AL: The majority of our swag is sold to people outside the company, however, all employees rock it too.

What was the most obvious advantage of the swag?

AL: The most obvious advantage of the swag for us is that it helps us get our name out there. It is a conversation starter. 

Any other advantages you discovered?

AL: The intention of our swag wasn't necessarily as a major revenue generator therefore we don't track it well, however, what we have noticed was that most people add a donation to their purchase. Using the swag as another generator of donations is awesome for us!

Why do you do business with us?

AL: Buzztag took a serious amount of stress off of our team! We are good at what we do and it isn't swag, luckily Buzztag was there to handle to product, orders and distribution for us! Not to mention their office is one of the most inviting and fun places in Bend and their email customer service is phenomenal.

Would you recommend us to a friend/colleague?

AL: We have and we will continue to highly recommend Buzztag. 

What's your favorite product/project and why?

AL: I think an office favorite is the shirt, they are soft and comfortable and well made. At least 1-2 people of our small team is always rocking one and we are asked frequently where we got them done.