CBT Nuggets

Organization Snapshot

Location: Eugene, Oregon
Number of employees: 140
Number of people who have received CBT swag: tens of thousands
Challenge: keep people motivated to learn and engage in their educational program
Solution: partnered with Buzztag
~teams that participated in CBT's Learning Competitions saw a 500% increase on average in their learning over teams that did not participate, and part of these numbers are motivated by the swag prizes sent to each team's top learner
~huge advantage utilizing Buzztag to handle procurement and shipment of swag with the click of a button

CBT Nuggets uses Buzztag swag to keep teams learning

CBT Nuggets is an online learning experience for IT professionals based in Eugene, Oregon. The company was founded in 1999 and currently has about 140 employees. CBT's customers include companies and individuals all around the world with a passion for learning.

How long have you been working with Buzztag? 

Megan Flores (MF): I personally have been working with Buzztag as CBT's head of swag since May 2017, but CBT Nuggets started partnering with Buzztag at least 5 years before that.

What swag have you purchased?

MF: We have purchased all types of swag from apparel/ accessories to tech items to pens/notebooks to fun items for specific projects like beach balls and gold medals!

How many people in/outside the company use the swag?

MF: All of our employees love our swag and you can always catch at least a dozen people wearing their swag on a daily basis.

Our customers have encountered our swag at Trade Shows, Community Events, through participating in our Learning Competitions, and through direct shipments. All of these ways combined, tens of thousands of our learners have received CBT swag from us at some point in time.

What was the most obvious advantage of the swag?  

MF: With learners all over the world, having the opportunity for Buzztag to handle procurement and shipment of our Swag to customers with the click of a button in our online store is a huge advantage. It is great to have a team that you know you can trust and who always gets items out to your customers in a timely matter and in a personalized way.

Any other advantages you discovered?

MF: Buzztag has also helped our ideas for different types of swag come to life. No idea is too big or too difficult for the team at Buzztag!

Are there any metrics or KPIs you track with our swag? What are they?

MF: One metric we can relate to our swag is our Learning Competition participation. Team's that have participated in our Learning Competitions have seen a 500% increase on average in their learning over team's that did not participate, and part of these numbers are motivated by the swag prizes we send to each team's top learner.

Why do you do business with us?

MF: I greatly appreciate the personalized touch that Buzztag provides. They take our needs seriously and find ways to deliver and scale projects with us as we grow in how we utilize swag.

What's your favorite product/project and why?

MF: I really love the medals we created for our NuggetGames Top Learners! It was really cool to see our designers drawing come to life for an item that will become an integral part of our prizes for this competition hopefully for years to come!