Changing the world, one paper straw at a time

Changing the world, one paper straw at a time

“I’ll have a large coke, please.”

Who knew how devastating that one line would be to the turtles.


Wait. WHAT?!

That's right. Over 500 million plastic straws are used every single day in the United States. 33% of those straws are thrown away after that one-time use and never thought about again... until we get a drink without a straw...

"May I get a straw please?"

[turtles go hide in their shell]

According to Sailors for the Sea, "straws are consistently on the top 10 lists for marine debris collected every year during the International Coastal Cleanup."

But before they are collected, those straws continue to break into smaller and smaller pieces. Intrigued, marine life try to eat them, ending up in their stomachs or stuck in the noses of sea turtles. 

For all those who don't believe us... here's video proof of marine biologists extracting a 4-inch plastic straw out of a 77-pound sea turtle.

*WARNING: the video is not for the faint of hearts.

The worst part 

Plastic N E V E R goes away. So little Squirt goes swimming off with plastic stuck in his nose for the rest of his life. The plastic hinders his breathing and ability to smell--which is how he finds his next meal.

The extra worst part 

This is something that could be so easily avoided.

Do you really need a straw? 

If your answer is yes, then answer this: does it have to be made of plastic?

Ready for another question? Do you really need plastic water bottles or plastic bags? Check out our blog posts Protect the Environment with Collapsible + Reusable Water Bottle Swag For Your Next Trade Show and Skip the Plastic and Save the Planet: Plastic Bag Alternatives.

The happy-ending

That's where we come in. We may not solve world peace or your kid's math homework, but, dang, the perfect branded item paper straw sure does make people the turtles happy. They're safe. They're durable. They're made in the USA. They're eco-friendly. Oh, and they keep the turtles happy... isn't that enough?

We can live in a plastic-free world. Join us in our pledge by saying NO to plastic.

  • Next time you order your large--or extra large, we're not judging--drink, politely ask for no straw.
  • Reach out to some local eateries and ask them to only serve straws upon request.
  • Buy your own promotional product straws through Buzztag and take them out with you. It's not just your brand you're promoting, you're also promoting (and saving) marine life.

Contact Buzztag to save the turtles and promote your brand. 

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