Protect the Environment With Collapsible + Reusable Water Bottle Swag For Your Next Trade Show

Protect the Environment With Collapsible + Reusable Water Bottle Swag For Your Next Trade Show

In a convention center filled with aisles and aisles of businesses competing to be seen and remembered, how do YOU get your product to outshine the others?

It's a question marketers face every year before trade show season.

Let's be real, it's stressful.

Why You Shouldn't Take The Easy Route

Cheap pens and stress balls rarely make it into a carry-on after a trade show. People want awesome stuff that they LOVE. 

For more information, check out our blog post on why the cheap option is rarely the best option.

After all, marketing is about inspiring people. When you make your swag different, you make a difference.

And when you choose swag that's already making a difference, you have the power to help change the world.

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Let us introduce you to HYDAWAY, a collapsible and reusable water bottle protecting our waters.

Buzztag: HYDAWAY // Branded Merchandise // Bend, Oregon // Trade Show SwagThe local Bend startup believes space is a terrible thing to waste, so it created a collapsible and planet-friendly bottle to keep you hydrated, no matter where you go. A HYDAWAY bottle collapses down to just over an inch, making it ultra-stashable.

Despite its small size, it's making big waves in our waters. HYDAWAY has prevented over 1,100 metric tons of plastic waste from reaching our oceans, streets and landfills.

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Why HYDAWAY is a fun option for your trade show swag

It feels good to do good. To know that your efforts are saving marine life and our oceans, rivers and streams. To give that gift--that power--to someone else is empowering. Invigorating. Plus, when your crowd sees it can fit in their back pocket, there might just be a line waiting to get their hands on your piece of branded merchandise.

Ready to be seen and remembered? Let's chat!

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