Skip the Plastic and Save the Planet: Plastic Bag Alternatives

Skip the Plastic and Save the Planet: Plastic Bag Alternatives

Plastic has been damaging our planet since it's inception, and if you never cared before, NOW is the time to start.

So, what's the deal with plastic bags anyway?

Plastic bags are:

  • one of the most common types of litter WORLDWIDE
  • super difficult to recycle 
  • not biodegradable
  • killing tens of thousands of marine life from either strangulation or digesting it 

Those are just a few of the hard-to-read statistics that remind us why something needs to change.

If you didn't already read our Changing the World, One Paper Straw at a Time blog post about how something as small as plastic straws are killing marine life, you should probably check that out.

Skip The Plastic, Save The Planet: Bend, Oregon bans plastic bags

Bend, Oregon has been one of many cities to start banning plastic bags. But, have local businesses and grocers thought about sustainable alternatives?

Don't worry, we have. Here's a lookbook featuring everything from washable paper bags to insulated bags. These are just some alternatives, but if you don't find what you're looking for here, shoot us an email and we'll find you something even better.

Maybe something like water bottles that are working to save the planet? Check out our blog post, Protect the Environment with Collapsible + Reusable Water Bottle Swag For Your Next Trade Show.



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