Eco-Friendly + Sustainable Promotional Products to Market Your Brand

Eco-Friendly + Sustainable Promotional Products to Market Your Brand

In a time where we're seeing such dramatic, positive impacts on the environment, it's time for us to focus on building our world back better than it was before. Buzztag has always been a huge believer in eco-friendly swag (if you didn't know it's a thing, contact us!), and now, we're more motivated than ever to help continue to restore Mother Nature. These eco-friendly and sustainable promotional products will minimize our environmental footprint and help make our world a better place for wildlife and Mother Nature.

6 Eco-Friendly + Sustainable Promotional Products



BUZZTAG ECO-FRIENDLY SUSTAINABLE PAPER STRAWSYou may not think of straws as a promotional product, but think about it: restaurants, the hospitality industry, or even a business that offers beverages to clients can benefit from branded straws. What's even better: the turtles and marine life can benefit from it, too. 

DYK: 500 million plastic straws are used everyday across the nation? By 2050, plastics in the ocean will outweigh the fish, if we don't act now.

That's why Buzztag is a huge proponent of branded PAPER straws. They're biodegradable, sustainable, and compostable. Did we mention they don't get soggy AND can stay in liquids for up to three hours?! Plus, the straws come individually wrapped for sanitary handling. Cheers to that!

Reusable water bottles are not just for making a colorful statement, or for personal convenience. Investing in reusable bottles helps the environment in all the ways plastic water bottles harm it.

We all know plastic isn't so fantastic for the environment. But, do you know why? No2Plastic says at least 1 million animals die every year due to plastic; the less we use, the less plastic ends up in our oceans and rivers. Studies also show almost every person has micro plastics in their bloodstream. The less plastic we use, the less we will ingest.

By making the switch from plastic water bottles to reusable bottles, you're reducing waste, protecting marine life from plastic, and saving money by investing in reusable items.


BUZZTAG ECO-FRIENDLY PROMOTIONAL PRODUCT REUSABLE PRODUCE BAGSInstead of using single-use plastic bags at the store, these--keyword: REUSABLE--bags are machine washable and help keep your produce fresh. Every time you go to the store and struggle to open a single-use plastic bag, remember... this branded merchandise is an affordable option that won't end up hurting the sea turtles.


BUZZTAG RECYCLED BACKPACK PROMOTIONAL PRODUCT SUSTAINABLEThis might be our favorite eco-friendly option, yet! This backpack may look like just another awesome backpack, but its fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles that are ground down and then woven into fabric. It diverts waste from landfills and gives materials a fresh new life.


BUZZTAG BRANDED RECYCLED SUSTAINABLE NOTEBOOKS PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTBranded notebooks are a popular promotional product. But, how popular are branded notebooks made from recycled materials? Truth is, they should be more popular. When you purchase a product made from recycled paper, you're saving energy and water, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and keeping landfill space free for other trash that can't be recycled. When you gift someone a promotional product made from recycled materials, you're sharing something deeper than swag; you're sharing a passion for the world, and that's always good for business.


BUZZTAG BAMBOO PEN SUSTAINABLE PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTWhen you run out of ink and toss another pen in the trash, what do you think about? Our client, Brasada Ranch, thought about choosing a sustainable, eco-friendly option to minimize their environmental footprint. These pens are made of bamboo, which is a natural and renewable source.

Let Buzztag help you make the switch from plastic to other eco-friendly options. We're always buzzing with ideas.

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