Buzztag presents: Call of the Wild

Buzztag presents: Call of the Wild

Buzztag presents: Call of the Wild


Humm Kombucha's Director of Human Resources, Nancy Gammond-Moody, is as rare as purple carrots--yes, it's a real thing.

She graduated from Redmond High School, and after college, she moved back to the High Desert permanently, back in 1985.

"My family's been in Bend for like 100 years," Nancy said.

She's watched her town change and grow, continuing to evolve. The one thing that's remained constant--the tranquility she finds in nature.


"It refreshes and renews the essence of a person," she said.

It's how she was raised. It's a way of life. Camping, hiking, fishing--whatever it is she's up to--she says it's not done often enough.

We'd have to agree. We can't get enough of the outdoors--the smell of the fresh air, the beauty of the 100-year-old trees towering overhead, the birds chirping. It truly is magical.



"The backpack is great for days on the river."

It has an ergonomic padded back with padded shoulder straps, providing a comfortable wear for long adventures. It's also weather protective for those rainy Pacific Northwest days. The backpack is adjustable with its chest strap and roll top for any adventure length. Your belongings aren't going anywhere; it's kept securely shut with side adjustable straps. 

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