Why You Should Promote Your Brand With Drinkware

Why You Should Promote Your Brand With Drinkware

Drinkware. It's something many of us marketers may take for granted. But think about it. How many of you drink out of a mug? A reusable bottle? How about a pint or wine glass? Tumbler, anyone? If we had more hands, they'd be raised to all of the above. So, why not use this to your advantage? Why not find that marvelous mug, that perfect pint, or that wonderful wine glass no one would dare drink without?

We know your time is precious. So, don't waste it looking for custom drinkware. That's where us swag superstars come in--ahem, Buzztag. We've already found those fan favorite mugs, tumblers, pints, and every other kind of custom drinkware you'd ever want. Shoot us an email and let's chat swag.

If you need a little more convincing, check out these custom drinkware statistics.

  • Reusable drinkware demand continues to climb
  • It's the second most popular promotional product
  • Reusable drinkware can last for years
  • It's the second most popular promotional product owned by consumers across the nation
  • Reusable drinkware encourages hydration (did you know 80% of Americans don't drink enough water?!)
  • Consumers keep custom drinkware for an average of 12 months
  • For many, reusable drinkware has become a fashion statement and status symbol
  • Reusable drinkware generates more than 1,400 impressions over its lifetime
  • 66% of consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable products
  • 60% of consumers use a reusable mug, bottle or tumbler daily


  • 2,000 plastic bottles are made every second
  • 1 million plastic bottles are consumed per minute
  • On average, $266 is spent a year per person on plastic bottles
  • 91% of plastic isn't recycled
  • Most plastic ends up in landfills or oceans
  • It takes more than 400 years for plastic to degrade
  • Plastic eventually becomes so small that it ends up in the human food chain
  • Plastic bottles are the third most common plastic found in ocean debris

Ready to talk custom drinkware? Start here.

*statistics courtesy of ETS Express

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