When to Plan and Order Your Holiday Promotional Products During COVID-19

When to Plan and Order Your Holiday Promotional Products During COVID-19

You know what would be awesome right about now? A shiny crystal ball that can predict the future. (And maybe tell us how season two of Ted Lasso will end.) We want to know all the things. Right now would be great.

What we know for sure, though, is that the 2021 holiday giving season will be a wild ride for brands.

Here’s why:

The COVID pandemic continues to shake up global supply chains. Inventory shortages and longer production timelines are inevitable. Rush orders have become nearly impossible to fulfill. Because we’re swag experts (and we ❤️ what we do), we are following these challenges closely and expect continued disruption well into 2022. <<< This is where a crystal ball would come in handy.


Let’s keep things real, shall we?

The best advice we can offer is to order your branded holiday merch as soon as possible. Providing creative and thoughtful gift options your crowd will absolutely love is where we shine. But we need T-I-M-E to make magic happen. Let’s get a conversation rolling about what’s possible. Like, today. Trust us, you don’t want to miss the bus and find yourself scrambling for leftover Target snack tins on December 21st. “Boy, I looooove stale popcorn,” said no one. Ever.

We’re all in this messy, lovely world together. We’re grateful for that. But we also believe the future looks bright. ☀️ Good things are coming, so keep on trucking.

(Hmmmmm…maybe we don’t need that crystal ball after all. 🤔)

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