Five Tips for Using Swag in Your Marketing

Five Tips for Using Swag in Your Marketing

What do you think of when you hear "promotional products?" Are you reminded of that one crappy pen you got at a tradeshow, the one that was buried in your purse until the moment you needed a pen... and then the moment you pull it out and put it to the paper... it doesn't even work?!

Promotional products are so much more than crappy pens and mugs. Because of this bad lingering experience with a promotional product, one of the most common misconceptions about them is "my business can't use promotional products."

You may have encountered this thought, and maybe even struggled with how your brand could possibly market itself through promotional products.

This tells us, you haven't worked with a company like Buzztag before. We are a team of swag superstars, filled with creative ideas to set your brand apart. Maybe you're a tech company, a dental office, or even a storage unit facility... this is where the Buzztag magic happens. Don't waste your time spinning your wheels... that's what we're here for.

But, if you want to flex your creative muscles on your own... here are our five best tips for using swag in your marketing.

5 Tips for Using Swag in Your Marketing

Check out this video to see our five tips for using swag in your marketing in action!

  1. Keep your swag on theme with your other marketing efforts. Your brand message should be congruent across all avenues of promotion. 

  2. Make it interesting. People value what's different. After all, marketing is about inspiring people. 

  3. Create an experience. People love to be loved. Don't treat swag as an afterthought. This blog post dives in to how to create an unforgettable swag experience.

  4. Cheap, low-quality swag rarely makes people fall in love with your brand. Make it awesome. Check out this blog post for why the best option is rarely the cheapest option.

  5. Think custom. By planning ahead and creating a piece of swag unique to your brand, you ignite the "whoa" factor. Wondering how to create "whoa" moments? Click here.

Still not sure how to work swag into your marketing efforts? Our brains are chock full of creative ideas to help your brand connect with your crowd. Let's chat!

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