Epic Swag: Planning is Crucial

Epic Swag: Planning is Crucial

You know that moment when you’re just waking up and everything’s a little foggy… and then in an instant, you remember--oh crap. It’s Bobby’s birthday. You scurry over to Amazon and begin typing “birthday gifts for him.” As you start to scroll over the endless gift options, the panic sets in… 

Will it make it in time? 

Oh no, that gift isn’t a Prime option. 


Finally, with a simple click, you find an okay gift--maybe one you wouldn’t normally gift Bobby, but it’s the thought that counts, right?... No… Not, really...

Good birthday gifting says more than just “happy birthday.” Good gifting says “I found the perfect gift and got it to you a day early because I CARE about you.” And the secret sauce to that good gift… planning and the relationship built by using a company you can trust. 


We all know (and still continue to forget at the same time) the dates of our loved ones’ birthdays, holidays, special occasions, or anniversaries. It’s no secret that when we take the time to plan what we’re gifting, the gifts just get that much better. The same is true for promotional products. Ideally, you want to plan and start working with your promotional product professional three to four months in advance. 


Life happens. Boxes get crushed during delivery, wrong colors get printed, or a virus could be terrorizing the nation and minimizing the workforce. When you plan, you have more control over the process and final product. This extra time allows for more creativity and power in crafting something that gets repeatedly used, instead of becoming a dust collector, or worse… best friends with the trash can.

An important aspect that’s often overlooked is money. When you plan in advance, you don’t have to pay for rush fees and/or shipping. One of our clients paid $2,500 for critical overnight shipping, but if they had planned in advance, it would have cost them only $400. 

Despite all of the pros of planning three to four months in advance, life still happens. That time frame can be hard to achieve. The good news is Buzztag can still make magic happen in a quick time frame. 


Similarly to Bobby’s birthday that you *almost* forgot, you have to use a company that you know will get the gift to him by the time listed next to “buy now.” The same is true for your promotional marketing needs. You need a company that has your back, knows your brand inside and out and cares so much that it feels like they’re an extension of your marketing team.

Since the busy season is here for the promotional marketing industry, suppliers are already maxed out due to high demand. In order to get the promotional product you want, you need a team of trained swag superstars that have built relationships with product supply companies and can get exactly what you want, when you need it.

Promotional product companies (with a reputation you can trust) also do a lot of behind the scenes work. When the color printed is slightly off or the product is crushed during delivery, you can count on these companies to take care of those issues without you even knowing about them. When you use companies with a lower price point that you find during an easy “cheap mugs” Google search, you may have trouble finding someone to speak to, and worse, you may get stuck with thousands of mugs in the wrong color.

It’s all about a quality relationship. Your thoughts and interests are kept in mind, they look out for you no matter what, and they care about you and your company. The relationship is just as important when looking for swag companies—companies that know where to source (based on their own relationships), companies that know how to get you what you want when you need it by, and companies that care. It makes all the difference.

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