Create an Unforgettable SWAG Experience

Create an Unforgettable SWAG Experience


Ask any business owner or brand manager what their biggest struggle is and most will say, “connecting with my customer.” It’s a crazy, picky, freakishly busy world, where dwindling attention spans rally around cat memes and the artisanal toast scene. The challenge is to not be just another tambourine in an already noisy parade.

Instead of throwing a crappy pen in their trade show bag or handing out water bottles  with leaky lids, give your customers what they actually want…

An experience

When you create an experience, you create a memory. Hopefully it’s a happy one. (We’re all about happiness here at Buzztag.)

The thing about good swag is that, unlike other forms of traditional advertising, it has the capacity to elicit strong emotions. By engaging the five senses, promotional products give people the chance to interact with your brand on a physical level.

Real. Tangible. Creative. Memorable. These are the kinds of experiences people want.  

We’ve put together a short list of ideas that appeal to the senses and create an unforgettable swag experience.


A favorite cap. A leather notebook. A special award for living life the loudest and kicking fear in the teeth.

Every item used, seen and loved reminds them of your brand. When an awesome product is paired with a subtle logo or compelling graphics, it creates an experience for the eyes. Think  about that branded item… bag, shirt, mug… you reach for every day. Why do you love it so much?

Because when you look at it, it makes you feel good.

Swag ideas: throw pillow, graphic t-shirt, bamboo sunglasses, coasters with custom full-color logo, shower notes, packaging (create anticipation by giving your customer a piece by piece unboxing experience)

*Check out our lookbooks for swagspiration.


The average person has 10,000 taste buds. Each bud contains 50-100 taste receptor cells that collect info. That’s a million opportunities to create a memorable experience for your crowd.

We all love treats. When you think outside the cookie jar and present your crowd with a creative representation of your brand that they can actually eat, they’ll associate your brand with bliss.

Swag ideas: custom-label craft beer, hot sauce or maple syrup, custom-flavored lip balm (chocolate-covered bacon, dragonfruit, cinnamon toast crunch…), retro candy, sprinkles-dipped fortune cookie with a custom message, small jar of nut butter or coconut oil with a hangtag greeting, silicone kitchen gadget

*Check out our Personalized Gifts: Custom Candy, Cookies + Other Sweets for some ideas.



Let’s face it… sound can be an enjoyable experience or an incredible annoyance (we’re looking at you, Gilbert Gottfried).

When done thoughtfully, integrating sound into your next promo can be a head turner. Think about what happens when you hear something you like. You lean in the direction of the sound. You turn up the volume. Your lips curl into a smile and life pauses slightly while you enjoy what’s rushing into your earholes.

Sound-centric swag is an attention grabber.

Swag ideas: earbuds, full-color graphics on a speaker or musical instrument (captures sound, sight and touch), custom-sound bottle opener that says “aaaaaahhhhhhh” or “hell, yeah!” when used, guitar pick matchbook


Of all the five senses, smell is the one that creates the most powerful and lasting impression in your brain. Think Sharpies, an old baseball glove, campfires, lavender fields and mom’s chocolate chip cookies. Our stomachs are growling just thinking about that baking-in-the-kitchen smell.

Why? Because scent triggers memory.

What if you gave your customers a “new” smell to remember? Is it possible to attach a scent to your brand? We think so (and are up for the challenge of helping you figure this out.)

Swag ideas: coffee (in a branded mug, of course), custom-scented candle, essential oil, scratch and sniff sticker/temporary tattoo




Good swag is effective because it’s a tangible piece of your brand story. Your crowd can touch it, sleep with it, throw it into a bag, place it on a desktop, tuck it in a drawer, make room on the shelf for it, take pictures of it, do better work with it and live a happier life with it. Good swag wiggles its way into their everyday life. This creates an experience you can’t get from other forms of advertising.

When something feels good in our hands and hearts, we don’t want to put it down.

Swag ideas: tri-blend t-shirt (think super soft vs. basic and scratchy), cozy sherpa blanket, embossed bookmark, custom shape stress ball (baby sumo wrestler, cup o’ noodles, hot pink zebra stripe cowboy hat…), tabletop cornhole game, burlap koozie, wooden flask

Good swag is about delivering experiences, not just things. Create “whoa” moments for your crowd and make your marketing matter.

Stuck on the swag carousel, where everything is “been there, done that, bought the crummy t-shirt, used the crummy t-shirt to wash my car?” We can help. Contact us today for a “we never thought of that” chat.

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