Our Fav Tools for Working Virtually

Our Fav Tools for Working Virtually

We know your world has changed majorly in just the last few weeks, heck it is changing every hour! Change can make people do some pretty unusual things, cue the TP hoarding.

Buzztag wants to hold your hand and help you stay productive and sane during all of this uncertainty. Virtually. We hope you understand. Here are a few of our favorite ways to work together, apart.

1. Zoom - An excellent video platform that allows you to host virtual meetings, townhall meetings and set up virtual conference rooms in a snap.

2. Slack - Online messaging platform that helps keep your whole team in the loop with everyday communication.

3. Asana/Mondays/Trello - Ok, this one is a toss up because each has ways they shine. These apps are great for keeping your projects and teams on track.

4. Dropbox - Dropbox allows you to keep your workspace files organized while being able to share with everyone on the team.

5. Google Drive - Leaving comments and suggesting edits is a breeze in Google Drive. You can easily collaborate with all the members of your team on documents.

Need some help? Just ask, we are experts. Well ~ we're self-proclaimed experts, but still, we are pretty techy! Just email us at Hello@buzztag.co!

Virtual Hugs,

The Buzztag Team

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